Thursday, February 2, 2012

Birdie and his hidden treasures


Day two of the matchbox challenge - this one is called the bird one. Mmm... where does one start? Well birdie was a given. I then came to think of these gorgeous yellow winter berries which I had to capture the other day - there was something about the yellow berries against the icy-blue sky that really captured me.

Anyhow... I remembered this yellow (do you have color memory?) and thought it had to be paired with birdies beak. Then a bit of red to add a bit of color and warmth (oh, and a bit of watercolor splashes under birdies feet to mimick him hopping around on the ground)...

- and then his hidden treasures... (diving into my box of trinkets) a gorgeous blue magpie feather and a real bird skull!!

And voila... there you have it - the bird one!


  1. Joan, it is so wonderful, -I would never have thought of bringing those colours together, -but Mother Nature knows what looks great.
    And I love his treasures :)
    Her er vi dækket af sne idag, og det sner stadig--vi nåede lige en tur til Rønne for at handle ind, men selv imorges var det meget fedtet...
    Knus-og god dag til dig.

  2. Hi Joan!
    This is a wonderful idea, very creative, I love it! I love the birdie and the colors, you really thought of every little detail, I'm looking forward to see every single creation you will make through this month. Maybe when you finish this project, you can show them all in one of those vintage print drawer, that will be so cool.
    Send you a huge hug with lots of love, my dear friend,

    Laura =)

  3. Hi Joan,

    Oh, he is adorable. Very sweet little tweet! The tiny bird skull looks so delicate. Can't wait to see what other matchboxes you come up with!!


  4. Dearest Joan,

    Wow, what a talent! That bird skull does it all... And yes, I do have an almost photographic memory concerning colors. Guess it has to do with our fashion design background.
    Love to you,


    PS your email address used for this blog is apparently NOT working as I get messages it cannot be delivered... it is the DK one.

  5. Hvis det ikke er den mest nuttede fugl jeg har set, så ved jeg ikke hvad :-) Farvesammensætningen, æsken, ja det hele er bare fint og magisk. Så må vi bare håbe Birdie ikke spiser alle bærrene inden han når frem på sin rejse til et andet land, hvis han bliver adopteret! ;-) <3