Saturday, February 4, 2012

A little bit of lace


Todays matchbox challenge is the lace one. For this challenge I dived into a box of hand dyed lace, silk and silk tulle and a bit of gold trimming.

I wrapped the box in layers - a bit like draping the corset of a dress.

The inside of the box lined with silk and a little handmade lace rosette brooch tucked inside. You can't acutally see the entire brooch but it is made from lace, silk chiffon, silk tulle, a matching feather and an antique button decorated with gold seed beads.

Oh... and the lace and silks were hand dyed with tea and beetroot.


  1. Oh this is so very lovely, what beautiful lace bits and tulle you have used, dear Joan.
    The most soft colour you have got with the beetroot for your flower looks fantastic with the silks, which looks like golden threads in your photoes.
    Det er bare så smukt og så romantisk, tak for dejlige fotos.
    Knus, Dorthe

  2. Det er det fineste, blødeste, yndigste, mest delikate ... farverne ligesom smelter sammen og er som en blød rede fra et fint sted i universet. Jeg kan føle blødheden mod kinden og mærke duften. (Endnu) et unikt mesterværk... :-)