Saturday, September 10, 2011

An artists touch


Before getting to the images of the finished stitched hanger I just wanted to share these images.
As a creative artist it can be a challenging matter to move to a new place because all your favorite sources of supplies are no longer so readily available. It's an even greater challenge when you move to another country - let alone a wee island (25.000 inhabitants!). Of course there's the internet (thank goodness) but you know those moments when you stand there and just need that one bit. That's what happened the other day when I ran out of black vintage buttons. And I knew any online source would take at least 10-14 days. What's a girl to do?

Well, I remembered a teensy antique store I once saw in a narrow deserted alley - you'd have to be real eager to find it. I popped by to find a little old Greek man who of course didn't understand a word of English - BUT right there next to him on the counter was a bowl full of old buttons! And I guess this is where you realize there's a difference between the words antique and vintage. These buttons all had real patina and a feeling of pre-war times.

Anyhow, I was so lucky that another girl was in the shop who kindly did the translation. I found this little dish and a small selection of buttons. I inquired about the price (next to nothing) and he humbly wanted to know if that was okay? Yes, for sure. So I'm thinking it'll just be wrapped up in a little reused platic bag (as they do in many small stores here) but to my delight he wrapped it up in brown paper and attached a handwritten businesscard and darling little buttons on strings!! It somehow felt so authentic and Greek and I just loved it. 

I told the girl to please tell him that I loved the packaging and he glowingly answered back that he was an artist - obvisously delighted that someone recognised the extra glowing touch.

Isn't it a thrill to receive packages where you know extra care and effort has been put into the wrapping? I didn't open this package for a few days but just enjoyed the added glow. 

"For those whow are willing to make an effort, great miracles and wonderful treasures are in store" 

Isaac Beshevis


  1. Dearest Joan,

    Just managed to sign into your new blog and visit briefly. We're in Germany in the Eifel mountains...
    Love to you,


  2. Oh what a delight it has been,Joan- I love that little beautifully packed thing, -the touch with the buttons are beautiful-as is the buttons, too.
    (I live on a danish island where we are 43.000 people :) )

  3. Like to see this! as a kid I always played with the box with buttons of my mother. It was an old metal appelsirop box. I took it with me in my marriage. I remembered playing very long and looking to all this recognized buttons of oldertimes on your blog! As a kid I learned to appreciate those things. I used it later on.
    kind regard! remembering..the good..old days......

  4. Hvilken speciel og unik pakke. Knapperne minder mig om min barndom og nogle sorte lakridshjul, jeg nogen gange fik. Tænker nu på en hel dåse gamle knapper, jeg så på en auktion i Sverige sidste sommer (sådan en rigtig auktion i en gammel lade med lutter gamle, billige ting) og at jeg tænkte på at købe den, men vidste ikke, hvad jeg skulle bruge den til. Men nu kan det da godt ærge mig, for så havde jeg nok haft en perfekt gave til dig!? :-)