Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's right in front of you


Do you know this concept that sometimes you can't seem to find something because it is just in front of you?? Well, it's curious because this seems to have been the case with my creative dry spell when I couldn't find what was next for me (you can read more about this in my earlier post).

For a few years now I've purchased stitched textile art on Etsy - just being in such utter amazement at the brilliance people are able to create with their hands, hearts and minds. I seem to be endeared to small creations that have been meticulously created - although not necessarily perfect. I've truly come to love imperfections - it's like a sign of work in progress... continued refinement. Does that ever stop? - I hope not. Well at some point recently, with my two new gifts in hand (btw, they are called black & abandon!) and newly inspired from the card stitching, I decided to try it for myself - and I have fallen in love with stitching! Spiced with a few mixed media influences. On top of it I've started experimenting with making my own nature dyes (this is truly fun and exciting) and I made a great beetroot brew LOL! a few days ago (image above). It created such a fantastic pink color! Here's a few close-up images of one of my recent creations (at stitched hanger) where the silk has been dyed with the beetroot. It was not intentional, but it matches the pink mercerized thread exactly.

In the images above and below you can also see that many layers that has been used - paper upon silk upon parchment upon vintage lace upon burlap - it's almost like a cake!

And making sure to make use of my trusted new gifts - plenty of black in the details...

and abandon... lots of ripping and tearing both textile and parchment, placing things randomly and trusting they're where they should be.

And just loving the many different textures tulle, lace, linen, silk - just such a great contrast and match to the coarse burlap.

Finished with a sweet word extracted from the text I've machine stitched unto this piece. I'll post an image of the entire creation when it's completed. I love it!


  1. I do love all the textures here, and it always amazes me how much black stitching can add! Can't wait to see the finished piece. :-) Beautiful!

  2. It looks fantastic,-I love all the magic materials you have used- I will come back to see more.

  3. Fabulous work, love what you are doing with the pink and black and you are having so much fun doing it.
    I found out that to get a pale pink you boil the skins of an avocado for dying fabric, I shared a post on that.

    Thanks for visiting me and following and i will do the same.
    Have a happy weekend


  4. The sound that comes to me is "uhmmmm", and it resonates in the chest area. It looks so "delicious" , yes a bit like a layercake! ;-))